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Langley community - for Langholeians

Langley - Home of Langholeians
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This stinky little bible belt town has its charms. I guess. It's become more of an annoying town since it's grown so much. You used to be able to go out at midnight and the streets would be deserted, now it's practically 24 hour traffic. I feel like an old person: "In my day, the streets of Langley were deserted at night! Making for night time fun-ness dagnabbit!!". Also the days before community shuttles were nice - now if you take the bus you have to, like, SIT beside people and stuff..EW!

Those are just my memories and thoughts of Langhole. Like I said, it has its charms. It has a few good people, but mostly consists of either old people or preteens that think they're gangsters.

Feel free to join and talk with other Langholeians, find out cool things happening around Langley (HAHA!, good luck...), or just shoot the shit. Whatever your little Langley heart desires.

Also open to Fort Langley people, as Fort Langley is much more pleasant and less annoyingly overpopulated than the main Langley.